Bohemian Tents

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There’s something about tents and forts that just makes many so happy. Reflecting back to when I was younger, I remember being obsessed with building tents of all kinds around my house and creating forts in the backyard. A while ago I stumbled upon a few photos of bohemian tents and I felt  that same feeling that I had as a kid when building my own. As I looked further into these little and simple tents, I had a hard time putting my finger on jwhy exactly I was so captivated by them. Fortunately, after a while the realization came to me. These tents were so simple and I think the simplicity was the beauty of it, especially the ones out in nature. With such exposure to nature around you, you begin to worry less about all the little things. I felt this after I decided to stay for three days in my own little bohemian tent. It wasn’t much, but I felt so relaxed and renewed. So here is a little photo colab of bohemian tents that I adore.

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And my favorite of all, so dreamy ☼2faf42dfac1af45132f529ff67b2858c


Just a mood board

Just a mood board

R13 relaxed fit jeans

Eugenia Kim hat
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Chloé gradient lens sunglasses
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Forever New beanie hat
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Striped rug

Cotton hammock
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Jansen Co ceramic mug
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Hozier – Hozier LP

Fashion Week 2015 Highlights: Erin Fetherston

I absolutely adore Erin Fetherston’s work. The way she is able to weave so many different feelings and ideas into her designs is incredible. Starting in 2005, “She presented her eponymous label during the Paris haute couture shows. From its debut, the collection established her signature feminine, whimsical and romantic sensibility, earning the brand a devoted following of press and celebrities” (FETHERSTON). Her clothes are so classic and eye catching, it’s hard not to stare for a while as a model wearing one of her pieces, struts down the runway. Here are a few of my favorites from her Fashion Week 2015 collection.


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Check out some more looks at

Craving Summer and Hippie Style

Lately I have been especially craving summer. I mean, like all teenage girls summer has been stuck in the back of my mind pretty much all year. And right now as the workload is reaching it’s max….ugh.  Like four hours of hw a night isn’t that awesome:(. But I just keep remembering that summer is right around the corner and it will be here before we know it. Adding onto that note, one of the reasons I love summer is the carefree hippie/bohemian look. So here a few designs and summer trends that I have found over the passed few months of searching from time to time. Hope you enjoy!


So here, one of the things that captured my attention the most was the way the faded, green, work shirt was paired with the swimsuit. Typically when I am back and forth between the beach and town, a T-shirt or light cover-up dress is my best friend. However, this work shirt looks gorgeous and just as comfortable. Definitely buying myself a few of these! Additionally, I love the shell necklace and headband. These beachy accessories are great for any summer weather and are a great for of self expression!


Dare to try out a pair of shorts like these this summer! They are super comfortable and lightweight, perfect to match with a crop top, oversized beach sweater, or swimsuit. You can get shorts like these at <<<I highly recommend adding these to your summer closet!


I love the dress, hair, shades, bag, and everything in this pic. But what I really want to focus on is, the dream catcher necklace. What a new and innovative way of adding a hippie factor into your outfit. I have seen the smaller dream catchers on necklaces before, but the size of this one is vey bold and adds a lot to a SIMPLE dress.  And hey if your heading to Coachella this year, don’t forget to grab one of these! After looking around for a while to find providers of these, I found that there are many providers on Etsy so that you can find the perfect one for you. >>>>


And check out this eye catching dress! The back cut is extremely flattering and the colors go very good with a tan. I noticed that in an outfit like this, where you are dealing with whites or purples/pinks in a tie dye pattern; silver jewelry works best. It adds a shine, but isn’t like diamonds, crystals, or golds that shine too much. This outfit is meant to be more laid back and you wouldn’t want to ruin that with over the top jewelry. Find dresses similar to this at

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RTW Fall 2015 Favorites: Rebecca Taylor

What really stands out to me in Rebecca Taylor’s designs, is her interesting use of patterns and color. I have always been a fan of the way she uses floral in her designs. It adds a tropical and bohemian feel, while being very classy and sharp through the way it is inserted in the design. I am also always fascinated by her use of textures, for example it is common to see a thick sweater with a fairly rough texture paired with some smooth pants or leather boots. I think that Rebecca’s fashion sense relates to me, because I am a big fan of Boho and indie fashion. Taylor is able to take a little of that Boho feel and add it to her textures, color palette, or patterns, but she adds a noticeable edge as well. This makes her clothing easily adaptable to any woman’s personal fashion taste and personality. Here are a few of her pieces that stood our to me at the Ready-to-Wear Fall show.

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